Adrian Alarilla

b. 1986

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Adrian Alarilla is a filmmaker, film scholar, and community organizer. Although he is currently based in Seattle, he moves around and crosses the Pacific frequently. He received his M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Washington, and his academic research focuses mainly on Southeast Asian Cinema. He also helps to organize the Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Diwa Filipino Film Festival, and SEAxSEA Film Festival. His films have been shown at various film festivals in the Philippines, USA, and Mexico.

Photograph by Tim Aguero.

In this video study, the filmmaker analyzes the possibilities and unsustainability of queer, transnational love for hybridized Filipino/American subjects. Using found footage, he retraces the story of his love with the research subject in an effort to work through the trauma of ending a relationship, all the while revealing the larger socio-political structures in place that keep them from one another.